Being in a band together is like a marriage; learning what each member likes, dislikes, is passionate about.  The last few months we have been digging in and figuring those things out.

No one loves animals quite like Maddie; she’d rescue them all…everywhere we go. We would have a houseful and Abby would have to be attached by IV to an antihistamine bottle.  However, no one loves babies quite like Abby. Her adoration for her adorable niece, Mackenzie is so obvious and it helps that, that kid is the most adorable mascot/merchandise mannequin; see below.  Don’t you agree?

The rest of the family isn’t so bad either.

Madison loves cooking and has an extensive file of pinterest recipes which is a partnership made in heaven for Abby because she would eat out every meal if she could; cooking means shopping, organizing recipes, and cleaning the kitchen, are we right? Disconcerting stuff, especially when you’d rather be playing music.  You can check out Maddie’s pinterest predilections here

Then there’s discovering how to write together and deciding where to tour.  We are loving the direction our music is taking and can’t wait to share our new stuff with everyone.  We hope we caught some of you at Sam Steele Days in the Kootenays, and will catch others at upcoming events like Music in the Park, Ribfest, Hot Nite in the City, the City of Langley Street Festival, Penticton’s Rock the Sun Summer Concert Series, Chase’s Music on the Lake, Vancouver, Victoria, and of course………at Rockin’ River Fest where we will be on the same stage as Kenny Hess, Kacey Musgraves and the one and only, Willie Nelson.  Legen…..dary!

We apologize to those of you who have reached out to us from the KISPIOX Festival area.  We tried our hardest to get there and our schedule just didn’t allow us.  We do hope that you will invite us back next year.  You really have such an important place in our hearts and we know that you’ve supported us in doing what we love.  We appreciate you so much, mmmwwwahhhhh!

Most of all, we are discovering how much we love working together and how much your ongoing support means to us. Good thing, too, because we think we are meant to BEE together.


Maddie and Abby